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  • Apr 09, 2021

The World Ahead of Us: Weekly News Roundup

Exterior view of Le Beige Building, Seoul. Photo by Sangtae Kim. Image via

Mega gallery Pace has just significantly expanded its four-year-old Seoul gallery, moving from its current 86 square-meter space to a two leveled, 790 square-meter exhibition space across the street in Le Beige Building, next to the private Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Announced on April 8, the move comes amid increasing market activity in South Korea, including recent discussions of Seoul outposts for Paris’s Centre Pompidou and the international art fair Frieze. Architectural firm Mass Studies, who designed the building, will helm the renovation of Pace’s new gallery. The inaugural exhibition opens on May 27 and will present new works by Sam Gilliam.  The gallery currently holds additional permanent spaces in New York, Palo Alto, Geneva, Hong Kong, and London, which also just upgraded to a gallery space more than twice its original size in November 2020.

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