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  • Jul 16, 2021

Stepping It Up: Weekly News Roundup

Exterior view of Hayy Jameel, designed by architectural studio waiwai. Image via Instagram.

In late 2021, the philanthropic cultural organization Art Jameel will open a new creative complex in Jeddah named Hayy Jameel. Designed by architectural studio waiwai, the 17,000-square-meter space will comprise a museum called Hayy Arts, as well as a community space, an education platform, an artists’ residence, and a 200-seat independent cinema designed by Bricklab. The inaugural show of Hayy Arts, titled “Staple: What’s on your plate?” and co-curated by Art Jameel and London’s Delfina Foundation, will address on the interrelations between food and memories, ecology and place through works from more than 30 artists. Hayy Jameel will also welcome partner-tenants, under the title of Hayy Residents, from a broad spectrum of creative disciplines, including art, publishing, performance, among others. Following Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, Hayy Jameel is the second cultural institution developed by Art Jameel.