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  • Apr 01, 2021

Rebuilding: Weekly News Roundup

One of the Dot Flower NFTs released by TAKASHI MURAKAMI on the OpenSea platform.

Never one to miss an opportunity for creative commerce, Takashi Murakami has bounced back from near bankruptcy and has gotten into the NFT game. This week the maestro of Superflat announced on his Instagram that he had dropped the first of a daily dozen in a series of 108 variations of pixeled pink-and-white blossoms onto the OpenSea platform. Inspired by his children watching fireworks on Animal Crossing, Murakami is embracing the latest digital craze, and his release comes at the peak of Japan's cherry blossom season. #0008 has already hit 8 WETH, more than USD 15,400, with five days to go.

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