• Ideas
  • Jan 19, 2021

The IMPART Collectors’ Show Online 2021: “Leap of Faith”

A mainstay of the annual Singapore Art Week, the IMPART Collectors’ Show returns for its fourth edition this January under the title “Leap of Faith.” Organized by the Singapore-based arts education nonprofit Art Outreach, the 2021 IMPART Collectors’ Show takes a new virtual format for the first time in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Capitalizing on digital media’s ability to transcend real-world logistical challenges, particularly during the pandemic, “Leap of Faith” consists of virtual tours of rarely exhibited works in the private residences and offices of six notable collectors based in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Mumbai, and Geneva. In a series of video interviews, collectors Jim Amberson; Woffles Wu, Lito and Kim Camacho; Wiyu Wahono; Sangita Jindal; and Eric and Suzanne Syz divulge their approaches to art collecting, their relationships with artists, and tips for people looking to build their collections. “Leap of Faith” grants unprecedented public access to important private collections—and the minds behind them.