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  • Mar 03, 2022

2023 Taoyuan International Art Award Open Call

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The open call for submissions to the 2023 Taoyuan International Art Award, organized by the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (TMoFA), will take place from April 4 to 22, 2022. This award is for new works shown publicly for the first time and that have not been entered into other competitions or received other awards. Works may be by an individual or a group of artists, regardless of nationality. Submission information is available in both Chinese and English on the Taoyuan International Art Award official website.

The Taoyuan International Art Award was preceded by the Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award launched in 2001. It was founded to encourage experimentation and innovation in contemporary arts. This is among the top three contemporary art competitions in Taiwan, along with the Taipei Art Awards and Kaohsiung Awards. In 2020, the name was formally changed to the Taoyuan International Art Award to welcome the participation of great artworks from around the globe. While adhering to a spirit of innovation, it aims to drive the development of contemporary artworks, strengthening international art and cultural exchanges, and building a foundation for art-related research and creations.

The Award is held once every two years, enabling one year respectively for submission and exhibition, making sure there’s adequate time for artists to create and plan for the upcoming show. Works are submitted through an open-call process with no set categories for selection. Instead, works of various media, types, and disciplines will be competing on the same stage. Artists can provide written submission materials in Chinese or English.

Installation view of the 2021 Taoyuan International Art Award Grand Prize winner, TING CHAONG WEN’s Going Home, two-channel video, flowers, pottery, and digital prints, 2020, dimensions variable, at the 2021 Taoyuan International Art Award exhibition. Courtesy Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts. 

The participating artworks will undergo a two-stage review process. The first stage is an online review. For works that pass the preliminary review, the organizer will cover preliminary exhibition costs, return shipping expenses of the work, and round-trip economy-class airfare for the artists to participate in the exhibition. The second stage takes place in the exhibition venue and includes impromptu Q&A sessions with the jury. It is expected that selected works will be exhibited at the Taoyuan Arts Center in the first half of 2023, with the actual exhibition period to be announced at a later date. The members of the international jury are to be announced on the Taoyuan International Art Award official website at the end of March 2022.

Following its growth and repositioning, the award has successfully attracted great attention from artists and creators from around the world, with over 600 submissions from 46 countries in its past edition. In the upcoming edition, with the support of the Taoyuan City Government, the total prize has been increased from NTD 860,000 (USD 30,640) to NTD 1.45 million (USD 51,660). The Grand Prize winner will be entitled to NTD 600,000 (USD 21,300) and three Honorable Mention winners will receive NTD 200,000 (USD 7,100) respectively. In addition, a Sojourn Award of NTD 250,000 (USD 8,900) will be offered to a Taiwanese artist for travel abroad to inspire new artistic creations and cultivate emerging artistic talents.

Installation view of the 2021 Taoyuan International Art Award Honorable Mention, LEWIS COLBURN’s  Disposable Monument II (After the Boys Who Wore Gray), polymer modified gypsum, graphite, aluminum, polypropylene, nylon, brass, cherry, and pine, 2021, dimensions variable, at the 2021 Taoyuan International Art Award exhibition. Courtesy Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts.

Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts
The Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts is currently under construction, based on the concept of “multiple venues, one organization.” In addition to the main museum in Zhongli District’s Qingpu area, the Taoyuan Children’s Art Center is dedicated to promoting arts and culture to young audiences. The Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center opened in October 2021, while planning is underway for the Chunglu Art Center. Chunglu Art Center’s design concept, entitled “The Hill,” was jointly created by Japan’s Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop and Taiwan’s Joe Shih Architects, and ties together the surrounding natural environment and community. It is expected to be completed in 2024 and to become a beacon for Taiwan in its orientation toward international arts and cultural development and becoming an important arts-exchange platform.

For more information, please visit tmofa.tycg.gov.tw.

Open Call for Submissions: April 4 – 22, 2022
Application Download: http://tmofa-tiaa.com

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