Asian Gallery Highlights at Frieze New York

The third edition of Frieze New York, which returns to its gigantic white tent on Randall’s Island Park from May 9 through May 12, features a remarkable 18 exhibitors from Asia, including a smart mix of established and emerging galleries from Japan, Korea, China, India, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey.

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Banging on the Gates: Istanbul Biennial Week Preview

If you haven’t been to Istanbul in a while—or even just in the past two years—it might not be quite the city you remember. The Gezi Park protest movement that began in May, and the subsequent social unrest across Turkey, followed a decade of economic growth and massive urban transformation. The demonstrations prevented the construction of an Ottoman-style shopping mall in place of the park (at least for now) but the city will proceed with its plans to demolish poorer neighborhoods, relocating their communities to peripheral high-rises. Vast infrastructure projects that threaten the city’s ecology—including a third Bosporus bridge, the world’s largest airport and a new canal—are also in the works

The Exhibition of Design

A look inside Istanbul’s new Salt Beyoğlu reveals a refreshing vision of what an art space can be.

Alptekin & Friends

A look at the retrospective of the late Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin at Salt Beyoglu in Istanbul.