jiandyin (Jiradej Meemalai and Pornpilai Meemalai) are an artist duo, based in Bangkok, who have become known over the past eight years for sculpture and performance work that describes their relationship and its place in the world. They spoke to artasiapacific.com in New York after returning from San Francisco, where they had enacted and exhibited an ongoing new work entitled Dialogue (Seeing and Doing), in which they drew spontaneous simultaneous portraits, from opposite angles, of strangers in public places.

Remote Viewing #1


Interview Dec 2010

Remote Viewing is an ongoing project in which artists from the Asia-Pacific region describe their impressions and inspiration from a foreign place, and how it has affected their sense of work and home.

How have you been thinking about your home as you work here?
At home we have our own status. People have expectations of “artists”—who they are and what they do. It is difficult to do something new.

What have you observed about the artist’s place in society here?
We found fewer expectations here, or fewer rules. We lost our ego and were able to have this moment. We have learned so much about context from being here, what context reveals and how it changes an artist or an artwork.

Have you found new sources of inspiration for your work here?
People energized us, because everything is so fast. In our older work we used the natural elements as props to describe a connection between the two of us, but here we have been able to step into openness with other people so that they could become the connective tissue in the work. We have been able to be more public here, and we were able to leave ourselves behind.

Have your plans or ambitions changed since you began working here?
Interactivity has led us to hope to refine our work—we want to spotlight ordinary people and put them into the art world, the white cube, and to do it casually and equally.

Where do you want to go next after being here?
It will be difficult, but we would like to try and continue our Dialogue project when we are home. We will first try it in Taipei, and then we would like to do it in Bangkok.