Dec 16 2011

Lyota Yagi bookmark

by the contributing artist

For Bookmark ArtAsiaPacific invites an artist to share some of their online sources of inspiration and intrigue. This week we asked Lyota Yagi, featured in AAP Issue 76, “New Currents.”

A number of young artists in Japan and elsewhere are developing practices that specifically explore audio and kinetic media, using electrical appliances, industrial lights or outmoded and self-enhanced audio equipment as instruments, to create performances, videos and kinetic installations. Yagi’s practice stands out for its cool balance of aesthetic and conceptual concerns. He often creates works that deconstruct audio and information technologies, not only the devices themselves but also their modes of operation, storage and communication. 

1. Dimensions

These are easy-to-understand animated explanations about the mathematics of dimensions. The animations are translated into a variety of languages, all available to download, free.

3. Nakazawa Hideki’s homepage

This is the homepage of artist Nakazawa Hideki. Despite the fact that HTML is a relatively new language, it’s surprising how old this page feels. Also, looking at Nakazawa’s site one can see how the fundamental value of information is not connected to whether something is yesteryear’s technology or not. Perhaps we will always be able to view this kind of website. (I for one am keeping my eye on it).

2. Maison Martin Margiela

This is a lovely site, where the design parodies a computer directory. (I think such gags are important too).

4. Phonograph

This group works with ideas related to sound, text and graphics of the past (and the future). I’m also an active member.